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  • Freshwater Puffer as New Pet Fish

    freshwater puffer fishAlmost every individual are bound to like the Freshwater Puffer Fish due to it unique characteristic that often looks cute. They are commonly sold in major pet stores and with some larger size puffer fish offered for sale together with some other fish so that you can put them together in a community tank. If you are a serious hobbyist, you should consider getting this unique species to become your new pet fish friend.

    Unlike its closely related cousin of the saltwater origin, most freshwater puffer will only require normal household treated tap water without addition of marine salt. They are also part of the group of fish originate from the tropical region and they prefer temperatures around 25 to 28 degree Celsius. Puffer fish is often characterized by it hard, leathery skin and its whole body is covered with tiny spines. When under stress or threatened, your pet will puffer up and turn into larger size, so do not get alarmed.

    Freshwater puffer fish require delicate care and attention. The water in the fish tank which you provide to them should be regularly attend to, in order to make sure that pH, alkalinity, temperature is always at constant level. Apart from that, ammonia and nitrite are also two critical parameters whereby you should keep both of these are minimum level. Because puffer’s skin is mildly toxic, the carbon which you use for the aquarium filtration should be regularly changed or else the toxic accumulation can be hazardous to other community fish species.

    There are several types of freshwater puffer, which you can consider buying and kept as new pets. The green puffer is one of the commonly found species but this particular type only thrive in brackish water which means they require some addition of salt. Green spotted puffer can also be mixed into community tank but however, care must be provided to ensure other fish has sufficient hiding place with best setup using large 100 gallon tank so that the other fish do not get harassed.

    Other pet addition which you can also consider is the dwarf or yellow puffer, which is a totally freshwater type. This species which is also known as Carinotetraodon travancoricus only grows up to 2.5cm so they are definitely well-suited for small tank size.

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