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  • African Cichlids: Humphead Cichlid

    If you are getting new pet fish, you should consider getting the Humphead Cichlid or also known as the Malawi Dolphin, this fish is highly sought after due to its bright blue coloration and its ability to share the fish tank with other African Cichlids.

    The scientific name for the Humphead Cichlid is Cyrtocara moorii. The fish is collected and caught from its natural habitat in the sandy areas of Lake Malawi located in Africa. The Blue Dolphin has some interesting colors which can differ between different species ranging from turquoise to a dark silvery-blue with six vertical stripes that are sometimes difficult to identify. Based on observation, usually the male pet fish is usually brighter blue than the female.

    The most recognizable feature of the Humphead Cichlid is the cranial bump on the forehead of the male fish and this certainly doesn’t exist on the female. Therefore if you are buying a pair of the new fish, most likely you will end up with different sexes since you can easily distinguish between the male and female. It is a slow-growing fish but if proper care is given, an owner can expect it to exceed 12 inches upon maturity. The minimum aquarium size should be 60 gallons but the larger the fish tank, the better.

    As with other aquariums setup designed specially for African Cichlid, the tank should have rock caves in order to provide good hiding place. The fish is also known to establish its territory and thus large rocks arranged to make a cave or treated driftwood can be used. The Malawi Dolphin is the type of fish species which prefers to settle at the middle and bottom depth of the aquarium so it might be a good idea that you should not get other fish which also thrives in this region.

    To ensure your fish is healthy, having a good aquarium filtration system is a must and try not to perform large water changes at any time to prevent temperature shock.


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