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  • Predatory Amazon Leaf Fish

    weird leaf fishThe Leaf Fish as what the name suggests look exactly just like a real dead leaf with its squarish shape. There fish are extremely weird and unique in its own way in the sense that not like any other normal fish, this species notably changes its own body color in a random manner. What I find really interesting is that at one moment, you can find the fish looking brownish in color when you observe during the morning period but at night when you look at it once again, it can turn into golden color.

    The fish adopts quite an ugly appearance with a barbel forming right at its lower lip. The scales on its body project a rough looking appearance and with its sharp highly raised top fin, overall the fish resembles something like what you would compare between a living human and a zombie. Another thing extremely odd about the fish is that it does not easily accept any dry or processed flake fish foods and its only meal are live fishes which are captured and eaten alive. And no, not even dead fish thrown into the water.

    Leaf fish is a predatory Amazon species characterized by its killer instinct. What it usually does is that it will spend most of its time resting idle on the water surface with its head lowered down and the tail fin up on the other end. Upon close observation, you will notice that there are little with almost no movement at all observed on the fish and by using live living bait to see what it does, the fish will immediately move and snarl at its prey. As weird as it seems, leaf fishes are known to have the capability to swallow its prey that measure at least half of its body length.

    So far, I have never come across the fish sold in pet stores and the only specimen that I manage to see was one owned by a close friend. So far, different species belonging to this fish family can be found in areas surrounding South American Amazon rivers while there were also reports detailing an African variant of the leaf fish but however, I’ve never seen it before. I do know about you but the idea of having a squarish ugly looking pet that only feeds on other fish gives me the chill and I would rather spend my time having a proper new pet fish.

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