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  • Strangest Things about Aquariums and Pets

    Smallest Fish Tank

    Ever fancy seeing an aquarium smaller than the size of your palm and it holds less than two teaspoonfuls amount of water? Well you might be in luck. Have a look at what is shown in the picture below and you are bound to be amazed. What you are looking at is perhaps the smallest miniature aquarium that is ever created and if you are a fish enthusiast thinking of getting one, well maybe you should forget about the idea and instead get a normal sized decent looking tank.

    miniature aquarium fish frysmallest fish tank
    Created by Anatoly Konenko, who specializes in miniature setup, this was described as a masterpiece work of art.

    A note of thoughts before you got excited and jump into the idea of getting one for your home. If you observe carefully, it might look cute and fancy but what you can see is that the fish filled in that cramp tiny living space are probably young newborn fish fry coming from swordtails or even guppies. Could you imagine and visualize that if the fish were to grow up, can they really fit into the tank? Poor fish, and I bet they will end up suffocating and ended up stunted. Some people have different opinions saying that this is obviously cruel treatment for your pet fish.

    Frozen Aquarium

    Described as the frozen art, this Ice Aquarium located at Miyagi Prefecture in Japan has all the fish at standstill position. Apparently not only that it houses a wide array of fish species but it also comprises of different invertebrates as well and all of it were preserved the moment it was caught so that visitors hoping to catch a glimpse and learn about fish can view it “perpetually”. So much about the idea of fish keeping as you will no longer need to feed your pets, change the water or even worry about them dying!

    ice age aquariumstrange frozen aquarium

    Word of caution though, I bet looking at the condition on how they manage to keep everything frozen, it’s like putting yourself in a refrigerator. And you can imagine the temperature in there must be extremely cold so that the aquarium blocks don’t melt away. And by the way, does this look something like a museum? I bet it is.

    Image and article source from Kyodo News

    Walking Pet Fish with Hands

    Considered to be among the list of endangered fish species, this creature was featured prominently and discussed extensively in national geographic series. Described as the unique walking fish whereby it uses its fin to walk rather than swim on the seabed, it can be found around the area located at coast of Australia. As they navigate and travel across searching for foods, it will catch crustaceans and worms for its meal. Have a look at the set of pictures obtained from national geographic websites and you determine yourself whether they will make fine pets for your home aquarium.

    rare walking fish speciesunique fish with hands
    Image and article source courtesy of National Geographic


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