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  • Nano Reef Aquarium Setup

    nano reef tankNano Reef is a smaller scale saltwater aquarium setup that consists of different kinds of fish that measures less than 20 gallon size. It is mostly used in smaller household to save space and avoiding the hassle of time-consuming fish tank maintenance usually associated with large aquarium size and that is where the concept of nano reef comes in. Just like any saltwater fish tank, the reef setup can also contain live rock, corals and live sands as the main attraction.

    Nano Reef is definitely an exciting addition to those who intend to keep new saltwater pet fish. The usual notion is that a nano reef would usually demand high-end aquarium equipment to keep it running but this is not true. Basically the most important equipment you will need is the aquarium filter and another is the tank lighting. Another option in order to ensure that you require least number of water changes is by getting a protein skimmer so that foreign materials can be easily removed.

    There are several types of fish you can use. Based on the number of invertebrates plus coral that can fit into the tank, your number of fish should be kept to less than 5. For pet fish that requires less attention, your choice should be limited to either having blennies or damselfish which are hardy species for your new tank. In order for the corals to thrive, make sure that metal halide is used instead of the incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Some hobbyist also go to the extent of adding live crabs which will get rid of algae in the tank and keeping the whole environment clean.

    Salinity is an important measurement for a new nano reef setup because anything out of normal range will cause upset to the whole system. Therefore marine pet fish hobbyist will always prepare another backup tank to contain saltwater and immediately change if sense that there is something wrong. Apart of that, coral sand is also another recommended addition because it contains live bacteria that can help jump start a healthy and stable fish tank.


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