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  • Flowerhorn a Perfect New Pet

    Flowerhorn is one of the most unusual looking hybrid fish found among the circle of aquarium fish keeping hobby. The fish is widely popular among hobbyist in East Asian countries especially Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China. The fish is often adopted as new pet among enthusiast because of its unique different characteristic which is a result of intense crossbreeding notably the large hump found on its forehead. Flowerhorn is widely regarded as a symbol of wealth to enhance fengshui among East Asian hobbyist because they believe the fish will bring them luck.

    Flowerhorn as a new pet should only be housed in its own tank because they are known to be a nasty aggressive fish that will not get along with any other aquarium species. Some cross-bred hybrid flowerhorn also grow to very large size often reaching above 1 feet in length. It is not common to see home aquarium tank that houses the fish that will have several different partitions which was setup by hobbyist for them to gauge whether any of the fish might pair up for breeding.

    Just like any of its cichlids fish cousin notably the African Lionhead, flowerhorn is a heavy eater that will devour anything which you put in the aquarium. They especially love live foods such as bloodworms while occasional feeding of small chucks of meat is also periodically given as a supplement to them. A note of caution when feeding the fish is that never ever put your finger in the water because flowerhorn are notorious to bit the finger. Even when you are changing water, try to wear some protective rubber glove or else a single bite can actually hurt a lot.

    Breeding your new pet fish flowerhorn can be challenging because as stated earlier, partitions have to be setup to see whether they might be able to mix together to become a breeding pair. It is usually quite difficult to ascertain whether a particular fish can be male or female but generally those larger sized with huge hump are mostly the dominant male species. The body of a female fish can be slightly thinner and those that successful pair up will remain together as long as they live.

    Some of the most expensive flowerhorn is the Red Dragon King Flowerhorn characterized by it bright red coloration with full horizontal black dotted lateral marking on its body with a well-developed hump. Some of these champion hybrid fish can easily fetch few thousands dollars depending on overall body development with each part of the fish from head, gill, fins up to tail to be well-formed and balanced.


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